Peak Academy for Community Learning is a secular, inclusive homeschool co-op that meets in Tannersville on Thursdays, September through May, from 9am-4pm. The day is comprised of five 1hr long class periods, 1 hr of social clubs, lunch, and recess. Both academic and enrichment classes are offered for grades K-12 as well as a PreK program for younger siblings. Peak was founded to create a dynamic, inclusive space that inspires and enriches homeschoolers and cyberschoolers, supports parents, and fosters community.

Membership Benefits Include:

*Access to small, engaging, affordable classes
*Access to Free interest- driven Social Clubs for kids and adults
*Community service opportunities for teens and for families
*A strong, supportive community
*Fun field trips and on-site experiences.

*Special events like Fire Safety Day, Educational Showcase, Fine Arts Showcase, seasonal parties/dances, park days, Graduation and much more!