Community at Peak Academy

Peak Academy for Community Learning is clearly more than just a place where students can take classes. It’s a thriving community.

Peak Academy many resources and activities to homeschool families (see below), but, our community has been built around our deep commitment to our mission and shared values, shown below:

Mission Statement

“Peak Academy for Community Learning exists to create a dynamic, inclusive space that inspires and enriches homeschoolers and cyber schoolers, supports parents, and fosters community.”

Shared Values

Statement of InclusionPeak Academy for Community Learning is committed to inclusion. We do not discriminate against any religion or the absence of religion, against race, culture, educational philosophy, differences in abilities, family unit, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We believe our community is made stronger and our lives richer when we are open to diverse perspectives and experiences, and when we all feel welcome as ourselves.

Our founding principles are based on the inherent value and dignity of every person, which extends far beyond our commonalities. Every member of Peak Academy is expected to interact with one another with respect, compassion, and appreciation for the various gifts we share with each other. Together, we create a positive environment for everyone.”

What Our Community Offers

  • academic and enrichment classes
  • field trips
  • special events
  • clubs
  • community service & volunteerism
  • weekly lunch and recess times for socialization

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